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Will it be inscribed on his headstone?

at a day long into the future, no doubt.

"Here lies Michael Teel.

Scholar. Superstar. Statesman.

They left angry messages on his Facebook wall."

That was what I was planning to post in response to the new story in Sports Illustrated concerning the revitalization of Mike Teel and Rutgers football during the past two months. If you're looking to get sloshed this morning, search for "Mike Teel" on Google, and take a sip of Irish Coffee whenever you read the words "Facebook", "threats", or "boos". SI's Mark Beech did a nice job of cutting through the fluff and focusing on the football aspect of the story. It's good for the team to get some positive press from the national media.

Er, unless if it's drawing attention to the one player that Rutgers fans desperately want to keep under wraps at this point. What's this talk about running a 4.4 and possibly a 4.3 though?

Greg Schiano...isn't worried about RU's poor kickoff coverage?

Jerry Carino counsels patience for a RU men's basketball squad that has disappointed early. I didn't know Inman was slowed by an ankle injury. Maybe someone can tell LFBall? Let's hope they take care of business against Lehigh at least.

Don't expect Baltimore to stop platooning backs any time soon.

Kudos to Jay D. Keough for setting's Bud Poliquin straight.

Former RU assistant Mario Cristobal has FIU surprisingly competitive as they prepare to square off with Florida Atlantic this weekend.