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Sorry Sun Bowl

I think it's out of your hands at this point.

The outcome of South Florida's and Rutgers' campaigns also will have an influence on whether Notre Dame lands a berth to the Sun Bowl.

If six Big East teams finish with seven or more wins, the Sun Bowl will have no choice but to take a Big East team over 6-win Notre Dame. Despite Notre Dame's lackluster record, Sun Bowl officials still want the Irish faithful in El Paso, Texas, for the New Year's Eve affair.

And with Cincinnati, Pitt, West Virginia and UConn having already reached the 7-win plateau, Irish fans wanting to nab the Big East's runner-up bowl will be rooting for 6-4 South Florida and 6-5 Rutgers to lose out.

But wait!

Per NCAA Bylaw an institution with a record of six wins and six losses may be selected for participation in a bowl game if 1) the institution or its conference has a primary contractual affiliation, which existed prior to the first contest of the applicable season, with the sponsoring bowl organization. In the case of a conference contractual affiliation, all conference teams with winning records must be placed in one of the contracted bowl games before any institution with a record of six wins and six losses may be placed in a contracted bowl game; and 2) all contractual affiliations have been fulfilled and all institutions with winning records have received bowl invitations (either through a contractual affiliation or as an at-large selection).

I thought that the Sun Bowl was obligated to take the BE's #2 team. This all becomes moot however if RU beats Louisville.

Brett McMurphy has more details this morning.

I had previously been told by Big East and bowl officials earlier this year that Notre Dame could – and could not – get a Big East bowl if the Irish finish 6-6.

With 100 percent certainty, here is the Big East’s bowl situation concerning Notre Dame, according to Carparelli.

First off, USF is very, very fortunate to have beaten UConn. Because if the Bulls had lost to UConn and West Virginia, Notre Dame could have still been selected by the Sun Bowl. However, since the Bulls got their seventh win, the only way Notre Dame (6-5) can get to the Sun Bowl is by (a) upsetting USC Saturday or (b) Rutgers (6-5) losing at home to Louisville on Dec. 4.

The reason 6-6 Notre Dame wouldn’t be able to go to the Sun Bowl is because if the Big East has six seven-win teams to fill its six bowl games. The Sun Bowl is not allowed, by NCAA rules, to select a six-win Big East team (including Notre Dame) if a seven-win team is available. The Big East currently has five seven-win teams (Cincy, Pitt, West Virginia, UConn and USF) with Rutgers one win away from its seventh win.

And remember, Notre Dame is only available for the Gator or Sun and not any other Big East bowls. Clear as mud, right?

Reps from the Texas Bowl (too soon, and they treated RU fans poorly in 2006) and Meineke Bowl were in attendance on Saturday. RU's travelling fanbase makes them an appealing option, along with access to a big media market and an offense that can make big plays.

"They have a good crowd today,'' he said. "We've always estimated they'd bring 15 to 25 thousand. Rutgers brings enthusiasm, it brings a name. It's always nice to see a waiting list for tickets. Those are positive things.''

Webb said Rutgers is among ""three or four'' teams in the Big East on the Meineke Car Care's radar, adding Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and West Virginia as other potential suitors.

"Connecticut's a darkhorse, but we had them last year and we don't like to repeat,'' Webb said. "It's been a crazy year in the Big East.''

TFY Draft Report is reporting that a certain receiver is leaning towards entering the NFL draft.

It was an ugly, ugly weekend for RU basketball. The men lost to St. Bonaventure. I caught part of it, it was painful to watch. The women were blown out on their road trip by Stanford and Cal.