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Big East Giving Thanks

One Mississippi State fan thinks that the Bulldogs should leave the SEC for the Big East and its prospects of an easier path of a BCS. I'm a little skeptical of his belief that the Bulldogs would be instant contenders (they lost to Louisiana Tech this year, after all), and geographic concerns render the idea moot, but the general principle is solid. The BE may not be able to poach any top-tier contending teams, but would any midlevel BCS squads be tempted to jump by the lure of becoming King of the Hill?

Cincinnati has a clear path to the Big East title, but all anyone wants to talk about is where Brian Kelly will be coaching next year.

Tyler Lorenzen was miserable Sunday as the Huskies fell to slumping USF.

On the heels of losing Woodny Turenne, the Cards may be without safety Bobby Buchanan for their road finale against RU.

Speaking of departures, the Backyard Brawl may be the last game LeSean McCoy plays in Heinz Field as a Panther.

USF finally ended its losing streak with a victory over UConn, which should seal up their bid to the St. Petersberg Bowl. I actually expected them to win, because UConn probably has the worst WR corps in the country, and USF needed this game.

Haven't you heard? On Saturday, Syracuse saved Christmukkwanzaa.

As if on cue, West Virginia remembered that Pat White is a really good runner and trounced the 'Ville.