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By the way, it's really cold

I'll be at the game tomorrow.

Booooo, it looks like RU does not agree with me about the need to keep you know who under wraps.

With Mike Teel close to rewriting the RU record book, the Daily Targum wonders whether he will end up having a better career than Ryan Hart.

Pro Football Weekly on Courtney Greene's draft stock:

Rutgers senior S Courtney Greene has been a disappointment this season and showed better range and playmaking ability as a junior. He entered the season regarded as a player who would be drafted in the top three rounds. Now, he likely will have to make his presence felt on special teams to make it.

A lot of that is true. I think Greene misses playing next to Girault, who was strong enough in coverage to free up Greene to make more plays. On the other hand, both Lefeged and Kitchen are known more their hitting, so Greene deserves some credit for taking one for the team and playing a role that may not have best served his future in pro football.

Now we know what happened to Corey Chandler.

The RU Women have Cal and Ashley Walker tonight, and Stanford on Sunday.

Iona College is dropping football.

Mark your calendars for December 12th, as that's the next meeting of the university BoG. I don't know about all the rumors floating around, but that date could represent Zoffinger's final rebuke.

New Jersey unemployment is up to 6%, stemming from the loss of 27,200 jobs in 2008.