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Bowl dominoes

Earlier in the week, the Home News Tribune's Keith Sargeant reported on the likely BE bowl lineup (ND to Gator, WVU to Tire unless they get UNC on the other side, etc..)

I want to draw people's attention this Orlando Sentinel article echoing Sargeant's information. Believe it or not, the backup plan to West Virginia in Charlotte would be Rutgers, not the loser of Cincy/Pitt. Rutgers is also the backup plan in Tampa, which becomes much more likely if USF loses to UConn. Otherwise, it's Birmingham for the Knights. The reason RU could jump teams is because they have the second best traveling fanbase in the conference after West Virginia.

I'm not going to presume that RU wins out until everything is already in the books. However, I think the most likely scenario is going to be that a 7-5 WVU team squeezes 9-3 Pitt out of Charlotte. I think USF might actually win on Sunday though, which could make things awfully dicey. We could see Pitt actually relegated to Toronto if all of that were to happen, which would be an absolute disgrace.