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Why didn't Greg Schiano talk to the out of town media this week?

Apologies in advance for the lack of any major insight from the Rutgers side on the Army-Rutgers game Saturday.

I've been told by the Rutgers sports information department Rutgers coach Greg Schiano isn't making players available to the "out-of-town" media this week,

Guess Schiano doesn't want any distractions this week as Rutgers attempts to win its sixth game of the season, which would make the Scarlet Knights bowl-eligible.

But what exactly does "out-of-town" media mean? If ESPN wants to do a piece on the resurgent Scarlet Knight, I'm sure their interview request would be granted.

I actually gave some thought last week to attending Schiano's press conference Monday and hopefully talking to a few players. I decided not to take the trip to Piscataway or New Brunswick, N.J. Glad I did. I was told if I did attend I wouldn't have been allowed to talk to any players.

If I were Rutgers, I would think it would want all the positive press possible after rebounding from a rough start. But what do I know.

Internet rumors apparently came through, as reserve TE Fabian Ruiz is "getting a look" at DE. This might not be a long term thing, and if it is, perhaps his skill set is better suited to DE. If permanent, it is troubling, because the depth chart at TE is much, much thinner. Who exactly is going to back up Graves next year? And looking at this depth chart, wouldn't a certain TE have to be completely insane to decommit the way that he did?

That same report covers the development of Art Forst, and that there will be a story about Mike Teel in SI soon. Did you know that people cursed on his Facebook wall? And sure enough, hearing about the SI story likely won't please Army beatwriter Sal Interdonato.

Greg Schiano: Jack Corcoran may never "be a dominating run blocker". Jack has been much more involved in the passing game the past two weeks. Frankly, if they're not going to do that, I don't understand the reasoning behind keeping Morales out of the starting lineup if the team is going to have so much trouble running the football.

Army coach Stan Brock thinks that the key for the Black Knights on Saturday is to limit turnovers.

lalalalalalalalala I can't hear you

Teel, however, said it's all absurd and that Britt has "really grown up this year." Teel. a two-time captain, dismissed the suspension as too convenient a demarcation, promising Britt became more than raw physical ability last summer.

He's always looked the part of big-time receiver, leaping for balls no one else could, his naturally graceful loping strides making him tough to cover. Last year's 1,232-yard season ostensibly was a breakout, but in Teel's mind, "This year is when he became a superstar."

Britt says he's a better student and understands the "whys" of receiving far better, such as how to force an outside release in a Cover II. Senior wideout Tiquan Underwood, who also had more than 1,000 yards last year and whom Britt called "my favorite receiver," said Britt is running crisper routes, making tougher catches and finally reveling in his physicality. He has become a punishing blocker, and of all the offensive highlights of last year's 52-30 International Bowl thrashing of Ball State, Britt's crack-back block still registers as the game's biggest YouTube hit.

Pull a Gonzalez and drive away all the press. Now. (Kidding. Not really.)

Draft boards generally list Britt as a second-rounder, but a sub 4.5 40 (which he's run) and a strong combine (which he's sure to have) could change that. Schiano calls him "a special player" and Britt's work ethic is obvious to the scouts who have become regulars in Piscataway. His 110.4 receiving yards per game rank third in the country, and his 7.56 receptions rank seventh.

I didn't want to sit on this until Tuesday;

Hodges confirmed Wednesday that not only will he graduate from the Gloucester County high school in January, but his college choice is now between Rutgers and Penn State.
The senior quarterback/defensive back made an unofficial visit to State College, Pa., for the Nittany Lions' homecoming game against Michigan in front of 110,017 fans on Oct. 18.

"When I get to school, I want to be able to play spring football and get used to the system," Hodges said. "I want to try and get on the field as quickly as possible.

ESPN's Brian Bennett thinks that Mike Teel is the fifth best QB in the conference. Really, below Cantwell? I agree about the value of Tony Pike though.

Expectations are high for Rutgers wrestling under coach Scott Goodale.

The emergence of Eric Foster is a major cause of Indianapolis's turnaround.