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Splitting hairs

Here is Monday's presser transcript (video). Apparently I'm asking questions now (making light of my proclivity to make silly errors).

South Florida's Carlton Williams was quoted as being upset with you because you completed that 93-yard pass to Britt in the fourth quarter when you already had a 42-16 lead. Was that an issue in your mind?

That TD put RU up 42-16, as passing is still an option at 35-16. Williams was complaining about the passes after that TD.

Keith Sargeant is getting the scoops you crave:

Based on multiple conversations with bowl officials the past two days, the Gator will indeed take Notre Dame if it beats Syracuse (forget about Big 12 supremacy; Irish fans definitely will travel to Jacksonville and the Gator desperately wants a sellout); the Meineke is eyeing West Virginia (nobody travels better than Mountaineer fans and it's a short 6-hour trip to Charlotte) or the Cincinnati/Pitt loser if it can pluck North Carolina as its ACC representative. The International Bowl would love to have Pitt but will settle for UConn; the gets Pat White's homecoming if West Virginia loses two of its final three; and St. Petersburg wants 7-win South Florida above all else but the more than 7,500 fans traveling to USF "definitely'' made Rutgers an attractive consolation prize.

No doubt, Tampa would be the nicest realistic option. Let's see how it all plays out.

The sky is blue, water is wet, and other Big East coaches don't want to see Greg Robinson fired. Ever.

Now the press is turning on Seton Hall's Bobby Gonzalez.