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No more Bull-related puns

Overlooked fact to watch for on Saturday: USF's kickoff specialist is out for the rest of the season.

New BE commissioner John Marinatto was on a conference call with the media yesterday. At least he understands that the bowl lineup is unacceptable, and I understand the ND thing, but his stance on expansion and a potential split do not seem realistic. I don't read much into a supposed 16-0 vote beyond the need to present a united front to the public.

Pro Football Weekly says some guy you may have heard of is the fourth-best underclassmen receiver prospect.

Was suspended for one game this season for violating team rules, is not a great practice player and comes from a high-maintenance, big-ego, emotional superstar mold. Will make some easy drops and needs to become a more consistent catcher, yet when Britt wants to turn it on like he did against West Virginia and when matched up against Connecticut CB ­Darius Butler, he has shown he can be dominant. A long-strider who eats ground quickly, Britt is big, exceptionally strong and physical and can power off the line and beat the jam. He is built to play a big man’s game and has a wide catching radius. Looks every bit the part and has been the one bright spot on an average offense. Has the physical skill set to be a better pro than college player.

I don't have any information about what goes on in practice, but I don't really think that he has pulled the diva act in games. The bits about drops and "inconsistency" are utter rubbish when you look at the context of the rest of the offense playing poorly, particularly one Mike Teel. He's been utterly spectacular all season.

Talk about fortunate timing, as that random nobody says he is a changed man. I agree with Frank Coyle that the biggest question at this point would be regarding timed speed in the forty yard dash.

RU Women's Basketball squad will be young but talented this year, counting on senior leadership while the rest of the team gels. Let's hope CVS doesn't have to lock them out of the RAC again.