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Holding court

Monday means that it was time again for Coach Schiano's weekly presser (video), where he explained why Damaso Munoz is starting over Manny Abreu, among other topics.

The legend of Zaire Kitchen continues to grow.

Mike Ford and Jamar Taylor are on the mend for USF.

Meet the Fantastic Four. Corey Chandler was in street clothes as RU easily won its exhibition behind a big performance from Mike Rosario. I haven't heard yet what's going on with Corey. Tomorrow is NLOI day for the fall signing period in basketball.

Sunday saw Eric Foster and the Colts square off with Darnell Stapleton and the Steelers. Foster stopped Pittsburgh RB Mewelde Moore on 2nd down, and then had a phenomenal goal line stand after charging through a double-team on 3rd down.

It was back to the bench for Ray Rice, as Willis McGahee returned to Baltimore and played well. Next up: a visit home for Ray-Ray and a chance to take on the Super Bowl Champion New York Football Giants.

Eagle fans are not happy with L.J. Smith.

Another thing to keep an eye on:

Last year, 53 underclassmen were eligible for the draft. The year before, the number was 40. Many think the number could exceed 80 this time around.

"I'm planning for that,'' said an NFC personnel director. "We're doing some things differently this year. I told our guys we have to start looking quicker [at the underclassmen] and start putting lists together of people in their areas. I told them, 'When you're at the school, pay closer attention than usual' to the underclassmen.

An agent who regularly represents multiple first-round picks echoed the personnel man's sentiment.

"That's totally the buzz I'm hearing," he said. "I'm hearing this guy wants to come out and that guy wants to come out. They want to come out mainly out of the fear that something's going to be done about the rookie wage situation."