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Only football

According to, Rutgers has received a commitment from 2010 Secaucus lineman Betim Bujari.

Syracuse corner: "I kind of fell asleep" last week.

Jabu Lovelace is back at practice.

Keep repeating this mantra - OL, OL, OL. I think for Rutgers to be a winning football team, it needs to get back to dominating at the line of scrimmage. Pass protection has taken a step back, but is still passable. It's run blocking that's the big problem.

Forget that Teel was sacked three times, the bigger indictment is that the o-line paved the way for 71 rushing yards, marking the fifth straight game in which Rutgers failed to record at least 100 yards on the ground.

The starting lineup against Pittsburgh had a true sophomore, a redshirt freshman, a redshirt junior, a true freshman, and a redshirt junior. The question at this point is: when does the lightbulb go off?

"Last in the league in rushing, I think I take offense to that more,'' Haslam said. "Sacks can be fixed with blocking techniques and things like that. But rushing offense, that's on us as a whole.''

Obviously, the linemen feel the same frustration that the fans do on this subject. It's good to see that kind of candor from Haslam, as he appeared to have poor technique on several blown assignments in the passing game against Pittsburgh.

This is a great summation of Tiquan Underwood's prospects in next year's NFL draft.

6. WR Tiquan Underwood, Rutgers
Underwood had more receiving yards in his first game last season (248) than he has in eight games this season (247). He is a long, angular target who needs to add more muscle and girth to his overall frame. He is an explosive athlete who gets up to speed quickly for his size (6 feet 2/185 pounds), but he needs to become a more consistent receiver. Underwood lacks concentration and has yet to become a natural pass catcher. He has had at least one "bad" drop in every game he has played during the past two seasons. The talent is there, but in order for Underwood to become more than simply a speedy vertical threat, he needs to improve his concentration level and hands.

The revolving door at KR may be over - with Jason McCourty entrenched as a starter.