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Big East: Week Eleven

Dustin Grutza may soon return for the Bearcats, but he'll have trouble beating out Tony Pike under center. Meanwhile, Brian Kelly's name is getting hotter as the coaching carousel continues to spin. Kelly openly pined for the Michigan job last year, and I also have reliable second-hand info that he is very ambitious. He doesn't have a bad situation in Cincinnati, so it would need to be the right job. Kansas State? That would be up in the air, but he'd probably leave for Tennessee. The Bearcats have made two straight excellent hires; can they make a third?

CardChronicle looks back at what went wrong against Syracuse, as Louisville gets ready for Pitt.

It's up in the air which Pittsburgh team will show up on any given week.

The local media in Tampa is starting to ask questions.

So what has gone wrong with the University of South Florida?

Too many penalties. Poor clock management. Players yelling at coaches; coaches yelling at coaches. And that was just what transpired during the second quarter of Thursday’s loss at Cincinnati.

That's absolutely right. Teams go through rough patches, and if you look at the achievements of even the best teams, you won't find many sparkling resumes. That's how college football is today; teams play weak OOC schedules that leave them little margin for error. Leavitt of course has overall done a good job at USF, despite any failings. Don't expect him to leave for Kansas State any time soon.

Following Tajh Boyd's decommitment, the Mountaineers are scrambling to find someone who will...well, scramble for them for the next few years.