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Freshly squeezed

Yesterday was Monday, which means that Coach Schiano talked to the media (video). Looks like Eric LeGrand is moving back to DE.

Adam Zagoria is wondering whether Mike Teel deserves a standing ovation this weekend. I said as much last week, I think Teel does, given what he's been through this year, and his great performance against Pittsburgh. That being said: the schedule gets easier during the next few weeks. Teel SHOULD look better. That doesn't change the fact that he was awful for two months, and it does not mean that everything is going to be ok. On the other hand, Teel definitely is capable of playing better.

Is it time for the Baltimore Ravens to start Ray Rice?

Paul Franklin takes a look at two talented freshmen, in basketball's Mike Rosario and wrestling's Eric Winston.

Greg Schiano is no Joe Paterno at least in one department: the FEC has no records of Schiano making any political donations. C. Vivian Stringer has given $250 to Barack Obama (she also has given money to Chris Dodd, and to her close friend Buster Soaries when he was running for Congress a few years ago). A search also reveals that RU Athletic Director Robert Mulcahy has made several donations in recent years to local candidates for House and Senate. As far as RU alumni go, Gary Brackett has also given $250 to Obama.

PolitickerNJ has a list of who is staying at the Star-Ledger. At first glance, the only major sports name missing is Dan Graziano. The rest are still there, as well as, ahem, Scarlet Nation's two favorite columnists.