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Rice gets cooking

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Since it's Syracuse week, one has to feel badly for Arthur Jones.

Ironically, winning is the big reason the Union Endicott product is at Syracuse instead of Rutgers. Had he known the Knights were on the verge of three consecutive bowl trips, he may have changed his mind.

"The only reason I didn't go to Rutgers is when I was doing comparisons and everything, Rutgers hadn't gone to a bowl game, they were a horrible team. But I liked everything (else) about Rutgers. And then coming here (on a recruiting visit), Syracuse went to a bowl game that year and I just loved the company around here and everything."

Video of Fred Hill's media day press conference is up at Reportedly, the BB tam did not look very good at a scrimmage against UMass on Saturday.

Can we please go without the wild swings between pessimism and optimism? Keep an even keel, one game at a time.

NJ Montly looks into the logistics of RU playing on the road.

Ray Rice saw his first NFL start yesterday, and he played very well as Baltimore beat Cleveland. has the video.

Jeremy Zuttah saw another start on Sunday in place of the injured Aaron Sears. USA Today just named Zuttah to their all-rookie team.

According to Tony Pauline, Jamaal Westerman is still on the radar of NFL Scouts.

Its' been a dreary season for Rutgers as most of their senior draft prospects have played below average football. But according to scouts we spoke with that is not the case with Jamaal Westerman. A number of scouts feel Westerman is flying below the radar screen and could be a terrific one-gap defensive end at the next level who flourishes in a system such as the one run by the Indianapolis Colts.

Maybe. I think moving Tverdov, a far superior player, out to DE is a better bet.

That page also has an interesting note on Darius Butler, which I 100% agree with given Britt's game against him a few weeks ago.

ESPN's Brian Bennett points out that Kenny Britt is having a phenomenal season, in spite of not getting much help from his supporting cast.

RU Women's Basketball is ranked fifth in the initial AP poll. They have also added the commitment of Erica Wheeler for next year's recruiting class.