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Big East: Week Ten

It's gut check time this weekend in Storrs, when West Virginia comes to town. This game could determine the balance of power in the Big East this year.

Cincinnati hasn't been able to generate as many turnovers this season. A large turnover differential is typically seen as one of the major indicators of luck (see: Rutgers 2006, UConn 2007, Kansas 2007, etc...)

Just as Louisville seemed to be heating up comes word that receiver Scott Long (who finally had his long-awaited breakout game against USF) is done for the year with an ACL tear. Rough break. Long sounds like Louisville's version of Shawn Tucker, another very promising receiver who saw his career ended by injuries.

Pittsburgh is facing questions at quarterback and center after losing two starters to injury last weekend. With a game against Notre Dame in South Bend, their bigger concern may be stopping the Domers' passing game. I'll say it again: this is a game where McCoy has to earn his future NFL paycheck. Another potential wrinkle is the possibility that Notre Dame will take the conference's Gator Bowl bid this year.

USF may be missing four starters tonight when it travels to Cincinnati for a Thursday night matchup on ESPN. What could ultimately doom the Bulls (again) is a major lack of team discipline.

Syracuse is prepping for the Cards this week, and I did find it interesting that quarterback Cody Catalina has been moved to TE, since Rutgers was interested in him a couple of years ago.

West Virginia's fans have suddenly swung from pessimism to optimism (sound familiar?), yet Bill Stewart knows that his team is in for a handful in facing one of the most opportunistic teams in the country in UConn.