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Passing the time

Pittsburgh fans and media are justly confused by the bizarre comments made by Dave Wannstedt at yesterday's presser.

Every time we've played these guys, they've run the football, played defense and played special teams. That's how they beat Connecticut the week before.

Of course, they weren't really doing much of anything on offense vs. Connecticut. They couldn't, because Mike Teel was completely ineffective. You can't really blame Wannstedt for assuming that would continue, but it's strange to key in on the run when RU's run blocking has been so miserable up to this point.

Keith Sargeant points out that 6 wins may not be enough for Rutgers to get to a bowl this season.

Mike Teel is the BE offensive player of the week.

Tom Luicci noticed that RU keeps hurting opposing QBs. It's probably a coincidence, as Bill Stull collided with McCoy in the backfield.

Can Ray Rice be Baltimore's Brian Westbrook?

Wow, the NIH is giving the Rutgers Cell and DNA depository a $57.8 million grant.