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The Big East makes no sense at all

I watched most of Cincinnati's game with UConn on Saturday. Cincy had a chance to win, but Tony Pike was still hurting at quarterback, and his understudy Chazz Anderson just plain is not ready (he looked fairly bad against Rutgers too).

It's back to basics for UConn, as backup Cody Endres was ineffective, but they won big behind Donald Brown and defense/special teams.

Just what the hell is the world coming to; Bill Stewart (more below) and Steve Kragthorpe's teams are improving? Scott Long may finally be emerging at receiver for the Cards.

I don't remember the ESPN 360 announcers mentioning this during the game, but Pitt center Robb Hauser was lost for the season due to a broken ankle. Expect left guard C.J. Davis to slide over to replace him.

I understand why Pitt fans are upset after that loss. I can even understand the frustration over losing to a team that had done nothing on offense until Saturday. However, Rutgers does have a roster that had that kind of game in them. They were too talented at the skill positions to be so ineffective on offense for the entire season. Every game is won just as much as it is lost. There's going to be venting, sure; after Pitt's coaching staff made two terrible calls, and after their defense looked unprepared in an important game. Now the Panthers need dust themselves off and get ready for Notre Dame. This is the kind of game where Shady McCoy needs to assert himself and refuse to lose.

Why did USF lose to Louisville?

The Bulls’ biggest culprits against Louisville were a leaky defense that allowed a fourth quarter game-winning TD drive for the second time in three games, a banged up offensive line that couldn’t protect QB Matt Grothe, undisciplined play (14 penalties for 109 yards) and virtually no running game (the Bulls had a school-record low eight yards rushing).

The end is near in Syracuse, reports beatwriter Donnie Webb.

Auburn hasn't looked too hot this year, but it was definitely a positive to see West Virginia beat them on Thursday night. Could the Mountaineers finally be coming into form?

Let's hope so, because with Pitt and USF's losses, the Big East doesn't really have a marquee team this year to represent the conference high in the polls. The conference is now wide open, and it remains to be seen which team is going to step up and make a play for it.