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Oh my god

I hate ESPN. They just picked up the upcoming contest with Syracuse for their horrible ESPN U channel, instead of letting local TV have it. This is a gigantic thumb in the eye to Rutgers and Syracuse fans. It's pretty much saying - "your game isn't important enough to go on national tv, but you have just enough fan support that we'll go for a miniscule chance of infuriating you enough that you'll write angry letters to Comcast and Cablevision even though you assuredly won't because who the hell wants ESPN U 99% of the year".

What can you do? That's ESPN's right per its contract with the Big East, which is all the more reason why the conference needs to stop being passive. The next commissioner is going to have the herculean task of majorly upgrading Big East football to the point that ESPN no longer has this privilege.

In the meantime, don't forget that Syracuse, Army, and Louisville returned their allotments for their upcoming games at RU Stadium, and a small number of tickets are still available as a result.