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No expectations

Rutgers hasn't accomplished all that much on offense this year. The defense looks solid, but they are constantly put in impossible situations due to poor field position and time of possession. Unless RU finds a spark on offense today, or can force Pittsburgh into multiple turnovers, I go into today's game expecting a double digit loss.

I have the game queued up right now on ESPN 360, let's see if this works.

3:34 - We're joined in progress with Pittsburgh already driving. And LeSean McCoy just scored a touchdown. Not a very good start for ESPN 360 or Rutgers.

3:39 - Holy shit. Holy shit. A deep pass actually connects, for the first time this year. On play action no less. Touchdown, Timmy Brown!

3:48 - Nice defensive series there, the front seven is generating some pressure, and we saw some secondary blitzes there too. A couple threads on Rivals have details about how to watch the game online.

3:51 - Yikes, Teel badly stares down Britt and throws an ugly INT.

3:57 - Wannstedt just cost Pitt 3 points on a fake-FG that RU sniffed out from the start. Defense is really looking strong so far, it sure would be nice if the offense decided to put a consistent drive or two together.

3:59 - ESPN 360 just comes back to show...a replay of Teel throwing a bullet to Britt down the field? Britt simply was too much for Aaron Berry. Wow. Why again did RU not use much play action up to this game? Did they see something when watching Pitt's film?

4:16 - This is the offense we thought we'd have all year. With all respect to Shady McCoy, it's Kenny Britt who's putting on a dominant performance for NFL scouts. Now, let's run the football.

4:20 - Doh, XP block. Hope that doesn't come back to haunt them. I am happy to put Pitt down in a hole though, maybe the defense can force Stull into some mistakes.

4:23 - Not how I would have liked to respond there. Pitt definitely has two dynamic playmakers in Jonathan Baldwin and LeSean McCoy.

4:32 - And RU answers! Kenny Britt is really showing a ton of determination by putting the team on his back today and refusing to lose. Aaron Berry can't keep up. I guess you don't need to run if the pass is so effective. Lots of credit goes to Teel too, who is by far having his best game of the season. BTW, I've seen Ruch and Munoz in there at times, and the announcers haven't mentioned whether Westerman went back in after he apparently suffered a wrist injury. The in-game starting lineups for ESPN 360 were also fall of errors.

4:38 - Ok, I understand that McCoy is going to get his yards. If the Pitt OL picks up the rush though, the coverage downfield doesn't have a chance in hell. That's why RU does need to run the ball and eat some clock. Get the defense off the field for a while.

4:48 - Maybe my protestations that Teel would eventually go on a hot streak have paid off? Outside of one errant throw, he looks brilliant today, surgically picking apart what should be a good Pittsburgh defense. Or is it just that Dave Wannstedt has issues whenever Rutgers comes to town?

5:36 - Pitt TD, and this is getting tight again. RU started off the half with a three and out following Kevin Haslam giving up a sack to Jabaal Sheard. T.J. Porter was wide open for a big third down conversion on the subequent drive. It's very important for RU to have not lost their momentum at half time.

5:47 - Ouch. False start, sack, Pitt has all of the momentum right now. YES, FUMBLE!

5:50 - Timmuh! I am feeling unjustifiably confident after those last two plays. Zaire Kitchen made the kind of game-changing turnover that Rutgers has been looking for all season.

5:56 - Rowe just came in on a blitz, and McCoy ended up colliding with Pitt's QB Stull. Stull is still down, and this does not look good for him.

6:05 - It's really hard to enjoy the game after something so horrific happens. Thankfully Stull finally did raise his arm. RU just seemingly dodged a bullet on a botched punt return.

6:08 - RU's OL was purely dominated on another three and out. Pitt is playing with momentum again.

6:14 - Third and one for Pitt as they're driving. They have one of the two best RBs in all of college football. Pitt decided to have their inexperienced QB pass, to disasterous results. Pete Tverdov pressured Pat Bostick into throwing into the arms of Kevin Malast, who barely missed returning it for a pick-6. Next play, Kordell Young punches it in for a TD. Honestly, it's hard to think straight with what's happened, but Wannstedt and/or Cavanaugh may end up getting fired for that call.

6:23 - RU has a great defensive series, then blows it by roughing the kicker. Does anyone want to win this game?

6:28 - LeSean McCoy is so, so good. Derek Kinder (or was it Turner?) dropped what should have been an easy TD pass in the end zone, and then Bostick threw another errant pass. RU is fortunate to only give up three three. Please start playing with more discipline, and maybe try to eat the clock just a little?

6:41 - Another XP block. That drive was a dagger though, with several bad penalties by the Panthers.