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Almost game day

Could there be further changes along the offensive line? What's interesting is to see that Anthony Davis is battling back problems. Davis hasn't been terrible this year, but hasn't been as dominant as his press clippings would suggest.

As per a Scout report, Malcolm Bush has decommitted. This probably doesn't have all that much to do with RU's season, as he had been looking around months ago. I didn't expect to lose him at this point, as he still hasn't really landed the big-time offers that he was looking for, but apparently he decided to decommit. It's not really a big loss with Paul Carrezola in the fold at tight end, but it would have been nice to land two tight ends in this year's class.

The forecast for Saturday probably includes rain.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette looks at Darnell Stapleton, who will be a guest on the sidelines tomorrow.

Uh, thanks, Antonio?

"This is a team that beat the St. Louis Rams, who beat the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins, so to answer that question, we have faced every NFL team, we haven't played a Pop Warner team, we haven't played a junior college team," he said. "I mean Rutgers is very good, but we haven't even played Rutgers yet, so there is no such thing as a real team or a real game. We are facing NFL teams and those teams have been strong."

Someone's going to open a locker stuffed full of ice tomorrow, courtesy of Shaun O'Hara.

Surprise! Rutgers women's basketball was picked to finish second in the Big East behind UConn. Wait a second, did the AP accidentally publish an article from 2007? Does it really matter? It'll probably be another UConn/RU finish. April Sykes is predicted to be the incoming freshman of the year.