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Big East: Week Nine

Despite a broken arm, Tony Pike is ready to return for the Bearcats. Kevin Huber might be their biggest weapon against UConn.

In a stunning development, Randy Edsall has demoted Tony Ciaravino from his role as starting kicker.

Louisville is preparing for USF by having an athletic scout team quarterback mimic Matt Grothe in practice.

Mike Ditka visited Pitt practice yesterday, obviously to negate RU's use of Belichick (kidding).

Interesting...Syracuse University isn't just relying on the whims of Lloyd Carr in their coaching search. They're apparently bringing in Chuck Neinas, the man who helped deliver Butch Davis to UNC a few years ago. Apparently their man is...Randy Edsall? This is going to open a gigantic can of worms.

Bruce Mompremier ended up missing much less time than expected while recovering from a serious neck injury.

West Virginia's big showdown with Auburn tonight features two struggling offenses.