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Knightly News

Dave Wannstedt talked to the local media yesterday, and GS held his weekly presser (video). He did give out a few crumbs of information, including hinting that Eric LeGrand will ultimately end up back on the DL, apparently saying that the Pitt game will be on ESPN 360 (I'm still confused on this, as it was not listed as of yesterday as being available on ESPN 360), and giving some praise to Ryan D'Imperio for his play on Saturday.

Sure, Greg Schiano makes $2 million dollars a year, and I'm just a fan. I am a little disappointed that Legrand is going to end up on the defensive line and not at linebacker. I really thought he had the leadership qualities to make an impact in the middle. RU didn't bring in many linebackers last year (unless Witherspoon doesn't end up at DE), and it means that there's an even lower chance that some of the team's young defensive linemen will contribute. It's just that I'm so fond of having a run-stuffing threat in the middle this year. Damaso Munoz's speed is more suited towards playing outside; I had just imagined Legrand being another D'Imperio for the Knights, when in all likelihood the team will be playing another undersized player there in two years.

Legrand on the line is better than him playing FB though, where it's just plain absurd that Andres Morales seems to be the latest resident of the coach's doghouse. If he did something, fine, and maybe there's a very good reason why he's not in the lineup, but it's still incredibly frustrating to analyze. Morales is by far the team's best blocking fullback; right now the back don't have any room to run, and it shouldn't be necessary to have to make a defender change positions in order to find a fullback who can crack some skulls.

I can't comment too much on the UConn game seeing as I did not watch ESPN U on Saturday. However, I think during the rest of the season (and all reports from the UConn game bare out this observation), the LB corps has been a major bright spot for Rutgers this season. The trio of Manny Abreu, Ryan D'Imperio, and Kevin Malast have been playing at a very high level. So much so that I think this year's unit is, without question, the best LB corps of the Schiano era. It's hard to exaggerate how much of a tremendous upgrade D'Imperio has been at MLB over Damaso Munoz. I can't help but wonder whether Rutgers wins another game or two in 2007 if they would have had a healthy D'Imperio at 100%, and if punter Teddy Dellaganna wasn't redshirted. D'Imperio only played sparingly as he worked his way back, and the team may have been better off if he would have instead taken a redshirt.

RU is looking to raise $2 million in revenue by selling the naming rights to its stadium.

Darnell Stapleton is garnering positive reviews in Pittsburgh.

The Steelers' first drive of the second half produced their second touchdown and a 17-7 lead. Moore scored again, taking a hand-off on third down and, behind an outstanding trap block from guard Darnell Stapleton, ran untouched around left end for 13 yards and the score. (go to 1:27 in for video)

RU women's basketball is counting on key contributions from several players coming off serious injuries.

Ray Rice did have one catch and run for a large gain on Sunday. The Ravens are still trying to figure out their RB rotation.

Rutgers professors project more major job losses for New Jersey during the next few years.