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ESPN 360

ESPN is now listing Rutgers/Pittsburgh as being broadcast on ESPN 360 this weekend.

The game will be available to AT&T and Verizon customers for viewing (meaning that anyone who uses Comcast, Optimum, etc... for their internet service will not have access). Some local bars are going to air the game via this method.

However, there is one exception. Anyone with a working Rutgers net I.D. (meaning that, you are a current student living off campus, or have recently graduated and your ID still works), you can set up a VPN connection to Rutgers, which should allow you to view the game on ESPN 360.

If you're resourceful, know that watching the game requires access to some kind of IP address registered to an ISP that provides ESPN 360, and that includes educational addresses. A quick google search reveals that a lot of people were abusing public educational proxies like planetlab in order to access 360, which subsequently led to them being blacklisted. Hypothetically, if you have a friend who subscribes to Verizon internet, or attends a local college, they may be able to set up some kind of proxy or virtual private network which would allow you to piggyback on their connection and watch the game. I cannot provide any technical support for any of these methods, please consult your local search engine.