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One last chance for Big East respect

Cincinnati is out to earn respect against UConn.

UConn is being vague about a potential injury to QB Zach Frazer.

Victor Anderson is quickly establishing himself as a potential star for Louisville.

It looks like Pitt is for real, after LeSean McCoy gashed the Midshipmen in Annapolis.

Syracuse tailback Curtis Brinkley accused the USF defense of taking cheap shots.

"My confidence was there the whole game," Brinkley said, "but they were playing a little dirty and I was a little nicked up on the first play of the game. I took a cheap shot on my knee and it was messed up throughout the whole game.

"I'll say South Florida has a great defense, but they play dirty. I took a lot of cheap shots and unnecessary hits and stuff after plays."

I 100% echo Brinkley's claims. USF is by far the worst in the conference when it comes to late hits, and they have a lot of loudmouths on their team.

USF toyed with Syracuse before pulling away in the second half.

Pat White grew up in Alabama, but wasn't a fan of either of the local teams.