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Stay classy, UConn


Head Coach Randy Edsall

"It's tough when you beat yourselves and that's exactly what we did today, we beat ourselves today. We didn't take advantage of the opportunities that we had in the first half... And at the end of the game, we fight to get ourselves in position and we miss another opportunity and we didn't help ourselves in the field position game. ... So, I give our guys credit for fighting and giving us the opportunity to win the ball game at the end. That shows character, heart and all those things but the bottom line, we didn't get the win because we ended up beating ourselves more than anything else."

Jasper Howard, Sophomore punt returner

"We beat ourselves, they didn't beat us. It's a lot of things that we have to go back and look at and fix so we can come back and win next week."

Reminds me quite a bit of a few years ago when Edsall blamed his team's failures on supposed tighter admissions standards at other Big East schools, and not the fact that a quarter of his roster left the team in one calendar year.