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Midknight Madness tonight

I only have so much interest in non-football sports at RU. However, Midknight Madness is tonight at the barn. Jerry Carino interviewed Fred Hill yesterday, which included some information regarding future schedules for the team.

Is it a rebuilding year for C. Vivian Stringer and her powerhouse women's basketball program?

Argh, it looks like Scott Vallone is finished for the season.

Aditi is thinking about what responsibilities Greg Schiano has to fans. Absolutely nothing! Yet, he does have to realize that he's made a lot of poor decisions this year. Step one may be to give Dom Natale some playing time on Saturday. Notre Dame saw the bottom fall out last year, and it wasn't the end of the world.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently took an in-depth look at Darnell Stapleton.

"He hasn't surprised me. Since he first got here, he's been a good football player," offensive coordinator Bruce Arians said after an indoor practice yesterday. "He's a very bright guy. Bright guys have a way of making things happen for the good. I think guys around him already appreciate him."


The depth is being sorely tested, but, based on the last two games, coach Mike Tomlin didn't have to think too hard in staying with Stapleton against the Bengals.

"When you think about the six quarters he's played, you measure his performance because we've been effective as an offense.

"We played a half of winning football against the Ravens when he was in there. And we played a game of winning football against Jacksonville when he was in there. He's more than held his own," Tomlin said.

"He's a pretty good communicator. Guys seem to have a level of comfort with him. Of course, he's going to continue to get better with reps. That's our hope."

The Steelers liked what they saw in Stapleton for several reasons. He had the flexibility to play center and guard. He learned the offense quickly. And he wasn't awed about getting thrown into the fire.

"He appears to be a quick study. He doesn't make the same mistakes repeatedly. If he makes mistakes, they're new mistakes," Tomlin said. "Those things keep us coming back to him and keep him hanging around. And when given an opportunity, he's seized it."

Derrick Roberson was signed to Baltimore's practice squad.

Rutgers University biologists have published some impressive findings. This is doubly impressive. Antibiotic resistance is already a major public health crisis, and if these pan out, I'd imagine some sorely-needed royalty checks will be on the way.