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Who cares about the Huskies

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You didn't think expansion wasn't going to happen, did you? Greg Schiano says it still will. There are a couple points I want to make here.

1. All that ultimately matters is building additional seats. From the moment expansion was announced, it was likely that the final plan would be significantly modified, as it included many seemingly unnecessary amenities. They may make even further cuts, but what matters, psychologically, are the seats (and hopefully, logistical upgrades to accomodate more people in the stands). Even if it's cut from 13,000 to 10,000 or some change along those lines.

2. At the same time, I've noticed that many Rutgers fans don't realize how dire the financial situation is with regards to the school, the state, and Wall Street. This is not just a matter of an even tighter budget squeeze. Given the cyclic nature of tuition, it's hard to imagine an institution more dependent on credit than a university, especially one with a mediocre endowment like Rutgers. It cannot be understated how bad things are now. The athletic department should, like the rest of the university, be willing to make reasonable cuts. They can (and should) still expand the stadium, but there's no reason why they can't tighten their belt on other areas.

What's important is to stay patient and realistic. Bad seasons happen even to good programs.

Aditi confirms that ESPN is the villain, not SNY. At least Verizon customers (and RU students) will be able to see the Pitt game. Hardly anyone has ESPN U though, so RU fans will need to see the game live or listen on the radio. The other beatwriters report that ESPN chose not to produce the game, and SNY did not deem it cost effective to produce itself. I'm a little confused about how the game will still air on ESPN 360 then - is it just a pure live feed with no commentary? The bottom line is that RU brought this on itself by playing poorly. I do think ESPN is making a mistake though, as there is going to be an audience for the game in NY/Philly and Pittsburgh. Perhaps if RU and Pitt fans make an effort to contact ESPN, they will change their minds (be polite).

The whole Donald Brown homecoming angle is getting a lot of play this week. I hope everyone understands that Rutgers can't recruit him in a class that also included Ray Rice.

I don't think anyone is surprised by this.

Courtney Greene/S/Rutgers: Greene gave serious consideration to entering last April's draft before deciding to stay at Rutgers for one more season. His play this year has been uninspired as Greene has been a non-factor for most of the season. Scouts are whispering he could fall out of the draft's first three rounds.

I don't think Greene was ever great in coverage, that was more Girault's forte. With Lefeged being another safety who's best inside the box, Greene has had to play downfield more, and he's made some mental errors. What's more troubling is the lack of big hits from him, as well as a lack of turnovers generated by the entire secondary. I don't think this season has been a total washout ala Jarvis Johnson's last year. Greene is still very much on the NFL radar, his stock hasn't completely evaporated like a certain skinny receiver's has.

Academics are getting a cut of the SEC's lucrative new TV contracts. Wouldn't it be nice of the Big East ever found itself in a similar position.

Brandon Renkart was released again.