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We've got oversight

Josh and Ted have some more details on new athletic department regulations. Unsurprisingly, McCormick has some more bad news related to the recent Wall Street meltdown.

At the same time, the university said the meltdown in financial markets is having a serious impact on its ability to finance the ongoing expansion of its controversial football stadium expansion project -- and officials say they are now looking at various options to address those issues. McCormick would not elaborate.

Bruce Fehn, the senior vice president who oversees Rutgers' finances, announced that the value of the university's endowment is down by more than $50 million because of the Wall Street crisis, and senior administrators have asked all department heads for contingency plans to reduce their budgets.

Josh and Ted continue to, incorrectly, claim that "the athletics department funneled $250,000 in undisclosed additional compensation to Rutgers football coach Greg Schiano", when their very own paper had reported on the payments in December 2006.

Over the weekend, the RU ticket office sent out an email to alumni regarding tickets being returned by Syracuse, Army, and Louisville in the visitors' sections for those games. So be sure to get on that.

As for football, I didn't post anything yesterday because frankly, Greg Schiano, said a whole lot of nothing in his post-game presser. If you were hoping for a eureka moment yesterday, it didn't happen. Video.

There's some confusion about local TV for the Pitt game, which isn't being listed by SNY currently. I don't believe they'd do that by choice, ESPN might be exercising their right to air the game exclusively online. After exercising their right to not let anyone at home watch this week's game on ESPN U. I'm trying to get to the bottom of this.

Jeremy Zuttah surprisingly found himself back in the starting lineup for the Bucs.

Jeremy Zuttah is continuing Tampa Bay’s recent tradition of rookie offensive lineman becoming key contributors in year one.

Zuttah, a third round pick from Rutgers, started four games at right guard as Davin Joseph recovered from a foot injury. When Arron Sears injured his knee against Carolina, Zuttah filled in at left guard.

"For him to go in there yesterday against the likes of those guys and play as well as he did is a real credit to him," Gruden said. "He’s a big reason why we’re running the ball well and pass protecting so well."

The Colts scored a big victory against the Ravens, but some still see DT as a trouble spot for the Colts. On the other side of the ball. Willis McGahee was awful for the Ravens, and Ray Rice finally saw some time late, which will hopefully lead to an expanded role for him.

Brian Leonard didn't get any touches in St. Louis's victory over Washington, but he apparently reinjured his shoulder and is headed to injured reserve.

You know what? L.J. Smith of the Eagles just isn't very good. He had terrible hands at Rutgers, and the Eagles gambled on his athleticism thinking that they could fix his flaws. They haven't been able to.