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Almost 24 hours without an embarrassing gaffe!

Earlier in the week I chatted for a few minutes with the CFBWeekly podcast. Topics included RU's disappointing start, Mike Teel, and Greg Schiano. There weren't any shocking revelations for the hardcore RU fan, but definitely some inherent comic value in determining how much of an idiot I can make of myself.

The Governor's Bowl is being expanded.

Hey, if you subscribe to Scarlet Scuttlebutt, make sure to switch to their new feed, because it was changed in the past few days and I just realized why I was missing stories like this one on Art Forst. He may get a shot at RG against Cincy. I'd also be interested in the progress of some of the other younger members of the line.

Will we ever see more of Dom Natale? It's interesting that Tom Luicci mentions that CPE hasn't looked great in practice, which frankly explains a lot. It's asking quite a bit for Tom Savage or D.C. Jefferson to be ready in 2009, so hopefully one of the uppeclassmen emerges. It also appears that Andrew DePaola has passed Cooper and Hayes in the WR depth chart.

Aditi rightly asks - where's the pressure?