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I can't read a schedule properly

Maybe Kordell Young is the answer? He definitely has a lot of talent, but he needs to stay on the field.

It does seem like Cincinnati has been on the upswing and Rutgers trending downward ever since Cincinnati beat Rutgers in 2006. In retrospect, I think a lot of the blame does fall on Mike Teel's shoulders. It's completely up in the air whether the Knights will have solid play under center next season. If they don't, it could portend future struggles.

I really, really hate ESPNU. The tickets are already paid for, but Rutgers fans need to make a point of showing up to this one.

Pittsburgh Steelers HC Mike Tomlin sounds pleased with the play of Darnell Stapleton.

Darnell Stapleton made his first pro start, at right guard, Sunday and Tomlin liked what he saw.

"He really did well; he did some nice things," Tomlin said. "We know what kind of guys that [Jacksonville] had inside in John Henderson and [Rob] Meider, some big, powerful men.

"Darnell is not small; he is short. He played with great leverage and did a nice job for us. We put together a winning performance in the second half of a Monday night game and we were on a short week, so we stuck with who we were playing in that regard. He had an opportunity and he delivered, which is encouraging. We will continue to move forward in that regard."

It sounds as if Stapleton, an undrafted player from Rutgers in 2007, will get his second start in Cincinnati.

The Ravens cut J'Vonne Parker from their practice squad.

Former RU beatwriter Jim Carty is leaving the Ann-Arbor News for law school.

Hey, Army finally ended its 10-game losing streak.

Female professors in RU's political science department are suing for pay discrimination.