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Probably going to be a slow week

Greg Schiano held his weekly presser yesterday. Video is up at It sounds like Teel is still the starting QB, and the guard position is up for grabs on the OL.

The RB rotation is still in flux.

Did Rutgers overestimate its talent coming into this year? Eric Foster and Darnell Stapleton are now doing well in the NFL despite being undrafted, the team's losses may be harder to replace than expected. Player progression can be hard to predict, and it doesn't always progress linearly. Maybe that is good news entering 2009.

The team chaplain for the Giants and Yankees is a Rutgers alum? Does Greg Schiano know this? Dave Szott doesn't have that going for him.

Darren Rizzi and URI defeated their in-state rival Brown recently.

As far as NFL Knights go, Stapleton and Foster played well on Sunday. Zuttah went back to Tampa's bench with the return of Davin Joseph. Ray Rice unfortunately can't get off the bench, and the Rams had a bye.