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10/7 Recruiting Update

It's a slow week in all respects. Frequent visitors to this site have likely seen the updates on Tom Savage/Gerald Hodges and Rashad White already.

Rutgers has offered 2010 lineman Jose Jose. That puts my unofficial count of 2010 offers up to 10.

"I've picked up numerous written offers from Miami, Central Florida, South Florida, Florida State, Troy, Alabama and Rutgers," he said. "I've always known that I wanted to go to college because my mother made sure of that and made it very clear that I was going to college. But I never thought that I'd have this many people looking at me this early. It's overwhelming, but my mother always tells me to be humble."

Two of his early offers really stood out.

"The Alabama and Florida State offers – those two I was like, 'Whoa,' " he said. "I pretty much had a hint that Miami would offer because I know guys that are there, like Brandon Harris and Thearon Collier, but the Alabama and Florida State offers made me say, 'Wow.'

"They kind of hit me out of the blue; they hadn't sent me any letters or anything."

While many may think a Miami commitment is a foregone conclusion for Jose, he insists that isn't the case.

"I'm wide open," he said. "I love Miami. I love the school. But I have to think about me, what's best academically, athletically, socially. I'm wide open and I have to feel the right thing for me because anything can happen. I have to be somewhere that if I get hurt, then I can live there and be happy."

Is Dave Wannstedt getting cocky?

"We had two coaches stay and recruit in Florida after the game and it was very receptive. And then we had guys in New Jersey and we had guys in eastern Pennsylvania last week and everybody was echoing the same sentiments about how positive it is out there, and that's good."

Most of you have already seen the Star-Ledger's summary by now of an article about Malcolm Bunche published on Miami's Rivals affiliate. I wouldn't worry too much at this point, and it was probably a mistake for the Ledger to post that without something a little more concrete. And think about it like this: Miami has always been a player for Bunche, but he did not decommit after they offered. Miami is still trying to find its way on offense, while Bunche could play for one of the best in the biz here with OL Coach Kyle Flood, who has definitely become a draw for recruits. ranks the top players in Florida for the class of 2010.

It sounds like RU decommit Mark Brazinski is very interested in UPenn.

"I’m really looking at Penn. I plan to attend their games when they play Dartmouth and Brown," he said. "They have the No. 1 business school in the country and they sell it that it’s not just four years, but forty. My brother played at Penn and it has worked out for him. Even in the economic slowdown he’s doing well and is a financial trader on Park Avenue in New York City, so it’s definitely a consideration."

It looks like the coaching staff is expanding their search for a defensive tackle. (I've also read that Florida, who RU is directly competing against for a few DTs, are looking around too.)

Roberson said he has scheduled an official visit Nov. 22 to Louisville. He also said he has heard from three new schools (Kentucky, UCLA, Rutgers), but there were no offers.

Two longshot RU targets are off the board in Conor O'Neill (Wisconsin) and Lamar Miller (Miami).