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No pressure

12:06 - And we're here. The ST unit just allowed too much yardage on the opening kick return, but hey, a fumble! Is this going to be challenged? Seems like the video is inconclusive.

12:21 - The defense stopped WVU on its opening series. Besides a nice pass to Britt and a Teel scramble they didn't do all that much when they had the ball. The OL is reshuffled today, with Barbieri at LG and Haslam at RG (that's what SNY said, the Star-Ledger blog says RT and Gilmartin to RG).

12:30 - What the hell is that playcalling? Two straight go routes - one to Britt that goes through his finger tips, one to Campbell that Teel badly overthrows, nothing on third down. Just an awful, awful sequence. And WVU breaks a big return after the punt. I'm just shaking my head.

12:34 - TD WVU. Their TE walked into the endzone uncovered. How many times have we seen that so far this year?

12:59 - FG WVU. The defense is actually playing the zone read fairly well, but the line is getting no pressure, and the secondary continues to give up catch after catch. Mike Teel really looks flat again today, and I wish CPE would get a chance. Maybe he won't be successful, but we deserve to find out.

1:12 - FG RU. The offense has looked stuck in the mud all day, but at least moved the football on that drive. They stalled in the red zone though.

1:26 - Hey, a TD! It was demoralizing watching WVU march down the field for an easy score. However, they made a bad special teams gaffe by squibbing a kick and giving RU great field position. All of a sudden, Kenny Britt finally remembers he's Kenny Britt, and Mike Teel of all people runs it in for the TD.

1:58 - Why doesn't Teel audible when the defense is clearly stacking the box and expecting run? Is he allowed to? The referees just screwed Rutgers IMO. WVU clearly had 12 men on the field on a punt return, but they were given the benefit of the doubt.

2:21 - TD WVU. Pat White went down on that play, but not before scrambling for a critical first down. Tverdov and Abreu went down on that drive, I did see Tverdov back in a few plays later. The problem today is that the offense just isn't doing much, and the defense looks close to breaking.

2:54 - Touchdown, Timmy Brown. Kenny Britt just had a monster drive. He went down with a shoulder injury, but it looks like he's ok.

3:12 - Wow. Just wow.

3:16 - And that's the game. Mike Teel just can't win games at this point, it's time for a change.