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A vote for change

The final score was 24-17, and it honestly shouldn't have been that close. West Virginia completely dominated that game, but nearly gave it away with a series of gaffes.

And yet, I still wonder, where would Rutgers be with even average QB play this season?

Teel wasn't the sole culprit today, but he was absolutely terrible, even if he's not throwing up multiple INTs ala the UNC game. The offense as a whole looked terrible. West Virginia was stacking the box to stop Jourdan Brooks, and the reconfigured OL looked very weak in run blocking. Most of the receivers on offense didn't do much to distinguish themselves.

The sole reason that Rutgers was in the game was due to the efforts of one Kenny Britt, who turned in another herculean performance. What a shame that it has to be wasted again on another losing effort. There is little doubt that Britt was the best player on the field today; better than White and Devine even. At this rate, there's little doubt that he will declare early for next year's NFL draft. If he can make better choices off the field until then.

Given the opponent, the defense honestly didn't look too bad. When playing West Virginia, you simply have to factor in several holy hell how did that happen scrambles, and the pass rush can't really go after the QB for that reason. What continues to be a poor spot is that the DBs continue to make far too many mental errors. I don't really know how much credence to give to the theory that Rutgers is adjusting to a lot of coaching turnover, but the DBs keep getting burned in coverage every game.

For once, it wasn't so much as that Rutgers gave away the game, as West Virginia truly did dominate on both sides of the ball.

Chris Paul-Etienne and Dominic Natale must be looking fairly bad in practice if Schiano and McNulty are not willing to give Teel the hook after this performance. Rutgers is in dire need of a change under center.