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Howard Barbieri has proven useful for his ability to fill in at any role on the offensive line.

Keith Sargeant asks what's up with Tiquan Underwood? I'd argue that he hasn't really done that much outside of September 2007. After the first month of the season last year, he started hearing footsteps, and subsequently dropped far too many catches. Underwood's frame is just too thin to take a constant pounding from defenders.

Kordell Young may play after all. Lost in the the questions about Young the past few days were many solid details about the revelation that Mason Robinson is battling hip issues. Hopefully at least one of them will be able to contribute.

Rutgers is hiring someone to oversee the athletic department's finances at a salary of $195,000. It's fairly disingenuous for Sherman and Margolin to toot their own horn regarding this story, and downright inaccurate to continue to peddle falsehoods such as Greg Schiano having "undisclosed" amendments to his contract.

MidKnight Madness is back after a one-year hiatus.

NFL scouts have noticed the recent transgressions of RU's two best pro prospects.

Rutgers junior WR Kenny Britt was suspended against Morgan State last week along with sophomore OLT Anthony Davis for violating team policy. Davis, who entered the program at 6-foot-6, 370 pounds, started at right guard as a freshman and after dropping more than 50 pounds, moved to left tackle this year to replace the departed Pedro Sosa. Britt, a very strong, well-built receiver with strong hands who has flashed the ability to dominate, is a candidate to depart early and would warrant early consideration, although character concerns will come into play.

The RU men's basketball schedule was released yesterday.

Football Outsiders had an interesting column yesterday about how defensive coordinators on both the pro and college levels are adapting to the spread offense. I'm not suggesting that Urban Meyer or Rich Rodriguez will have problems any time soon, but a lot of these "me too" spreads are probably going to lose their effectiveness as their novelty wears off.