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Knightly News

I answered some questions from Mountainlair, a West Virginia blog, a few days ago. Its answers should be running here shortly.

The Star-Ledger blog had some questions answered by a WVU beat writer.

Kenny Britt can only do so much. There are also unspecified lineup changes in the works, possibly along the OL. (BTW, I think this article's summary of a recent Rivals article on Malcolm Bunche was misleading and wouldn't give it too much credence yet. Miami and other schools are chasing him, but it's too premature.)

Speaking of underutilized WRs...

I thought something was off on the Kordell Young quotes yesterday, and Aditi is on the case.

"Yeah, I read that," Kordell said about his supposedly being done. He was smiling and so I asked, "Well, is it true?" Like the classic good solider he is, he said, "That's coach's decision." Then I said, "Yeah, but Kordell, do you think that's a decision he's going to have to make? Are you not getting better?" To which he emphatically - emphatically! - said, no, he doesn't believe it's going to come that. He said he's getting better every day, that it's just a nagging thing, and he's not nearly as worried as he was a year ago, when he needed his knee reconstructed.

Jason McCourty is a finalist for the Draddy Trophy.

Guess who:

Sources familiar with the Star-Ledger newsroom say that Robert Schwaneberg, Joe Donohue, Rick Hepp, Dunstan McNichol, Kate Coscarelli, Matt Reilly and Tom Hester Sr. are among the veteran reporters who have accepted a buyout agreement. Josh Margolin, Claire Heininger, Susan Livio and Tom Martello are part of the group that will stay on.

Brian Leonard will be at the RU bookstore tomorrow.

The Targum did a story on Eric Foster.

Darnell Stapleton is working with the first team in Pittsburgh.