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The unbearable brightness of Stewing


It's maybe a little odd to start a post with what I'm not saying, but... I'm not saying Greg Schiano isn't friendly. Or that he's not warm. Still, when West Virginia coach Bill Stewart opened his teleconference to the Rutgers beat writers today with an incredibly chipper "Hi! How you doing?" we all looked at each other. Incredulously. Then Stewart closed the call with a "Hopefully we'll see you down here!" And a "Have a safe trip!" And a "Hopefully we'll have a good injury-free game!" And finally an, "Alright, gang?" One beat writer (who wasn't me and wasn't female) immediately said, "He's really cute!"

Pat White is playing.

Greg Schiano had his weekly presser. Video is up at

Rutgers has not beaten West Virginia in over a decade.

When will Ray Rice see some carries in Baltimore?

Due to mounting injuries, Darnell Stapleton finally saw the field last night for Pittsburgh.

The Big East announced the Cincy game time.

Scott Linehan has been fired in St. Louis. I wouldn't want to be Brian Leonard right now.