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Cue the conspiracy theories

Jabu Lovelace is out indefinitely with a leg injury. This clears the way for CPE to move up to #2, and Dom Natale to #3. It's time for both to see in-game action. CPE has an iinteresting arm, but Aditi thinks his mobility will be limited by an old high school injury.

Even with the football team struggling, it's absolutely important that fans keep showing up. There's are thousands waiting for season tickets, but everyone may not know that Morgan State couldn't sell its allotment and returned a few hundred tickets to Rutgers. As the article shows, concession revenue matters. it's not just important to sell tickets, but those fans need to show up too.

For those staying at home, the game will be aired live on SNY at 3:30 pm in the NYC area.

SWIRLING WINDS may be an issue tomorrow.

Looks like Eli Manning did talk to Mike Teel.

Poor QB play may prevent Kenny Britt from having a breakout season, but he's still considered a first round prospect in NFL circles. That same article also gives Courtney Greene a top-100 grade.

Ray Rice could see more carries on Monday, with Willis McGahee and LeRon McClain battling injuries.

Rutgers is installing solar panels on the Livingston campus.

Barnes & Noble is taking over the RU campus (well, it's not really on campus) bookstore from Follett. They'll also be heavily involved in the new Gateway project in New Brunswick.

The Rutgers Athletic Department is making sure that athletes are registered to vote.