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Knightly News

Where are the turnovers on defense?

Blair Bines and Charlie Noonan are seeing more time at DT with Pete Tverdov out. Tverdov and George Johnson are expected to return soon.

Who is Mike Teel leaning on for advice? Phil Simms is likely, and a call from Eli Manning would probably be helpful.

Jourdan Brooks is the son of Morgan State alumni.

Jeremy Zuttah may be headed back to the bench with starting TB guard Davin Joseph ready to return.

The Baltimore Ravens' OL is chopping wood. Hmm...

Things are going well for Essence Carson and the NY Liberty.

New Jersey may bail out a portion of the $200 million aquarium at the Xanadu complex. This is coming on the heels of their $25 million infusion into the state aquarium at Camden. Need I remind you that George "Friend of the Taxpayer" Zoffinger midwifed the Xanadu project, which should show that the recent hullaboo has less to do with principle and more with personal vendetta.