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Big East snapshot

At least Cincinnati beat Miami of Ohio.

Is it bad that I wasn't really impressed (besides Donald Brown of course) by UConn in their narrow victory over Baylor? Of course, a win is a win, but I'm very envious of the fact that RU could very well be 4-0 at this point if they had played UConn's schedule.

Hey, the Big East actually won another OOC game against a team from a BCS conference!

But three would be too much to ask for.

Since I wrote my entry on who Syracuse will hire as its next coach last month, I've read two additional names that I really wish I would have thought of: Doug Marrone and Chip Kelly. GRob may have staved off the axe for another week by beating Northeastern, but he is certainly living on borrowed time.

USF's Bruce Mompremier appears to have dodged a serious spinal injury.

I have some more BE thoughts that have been sitting in this blog's posting queue for about a week. I need to rewrite them, and probably will later in the week.