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Shipping Off

1729/21686/v0001/reflector:55585 - CSTV stream

I wasn't sure whether I would be able to be here today, and I may have to run at some point. Let's go Knights.

3:48 - Three and out on the first drive, followed by a bad punt. Navy gashes the RU defense for two big runs but stalls in the red zone. That could have been a lot worse.

4:03 - Touchdown, Joe Martinek. The passing game looks out of sync, but it doesn't really matter. Jordan Brooks is gashing the undersized Navy DL by pounding the ball between the tackles. That's exactly what I would have hoped for. Navy obviously is going to start daring RU to pass, so they'll have to adjust. It'll be interesting to see how much Robinson plays today, and whether Young is healthy or not.

4:12 - Navy FG. Rutgers with another S/T gaffe by allowing a big return. The defense looked very good on that drive actually, except for a bad coverage gaffe by Zaire Kitchen, where he was called for defensive pass intereference when he could have turned around and just played the ball.

4:40 - George Johnson rolled his ankle, hope that's not serious. And there it is, BEAMERBALL! Finally, a turnover, on S/T no less.

4:45 - CSTV dies, and it comes back to video of Jordan Brooks breaking the endzone. Still no Mason Robinson today, and the offense is very, very conservative. Britt looked nice breaking a tackle on that drive. It's weird how this year, Teel only seems to be getting the ball to Britt on either screens or bombs. How about some slants and crossing routes? It doesn't really matter today, nor does the fact that Underwood and Brock haven't seen the ball yet.

4:48 - Defense has looked great after the first drive. And surprisingly, the return game has looked well enough.

4:57 - And I joked about flying in Hochuli for this game. My whipping boy Tiquan Underwood fumbled the ball inside the five yard line. The CSTV announcers said the play was whistled dead, but the ACC replay crew disagreed. It was assuredly a fumble.

Not really happy about missing a chance to ice this game in the first half. However, Rutgers is without a doubt in control at this point, and would have to spectacularly collapse to lose at this point despite only being up 14-6.

5:24 - Navy TD. RU defense was completely shutting down the option again, but the secondary is looking very shaky (not to mention that Kaipo is too comfortable passing the ball). Time to sweat?

5:48 - Another Navy TD. Momentum has really shifted at this point. It initially appeared that RU had forced a turnover near the goal line, but the Navy runner's knee was down. RU needs to respond here.

6:11 - And that's a Jordan Brooks TD. What a drive. I knew Brooks was a good athlete, but it was surprising to see how good his vision and footwork was on this drive. It was all on him.

6:37 - That's what happens when you put the game in the hands of Mike Teel. Rutgers loses.

There were some positives today, but we're officially now in lost season territory.