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Under the Hood

No football-related posts are ready today, so here's something different. I like reading other Rutgers football blogs, and I wish more people would start them. What is it like running a popular blog? I couldn't tell you, because Bleed Scarlet isn't very popular.

But hey, there are still two days left in the week. Traffic shouldn't be why you'd want to start a blog, but ESPN isn't going to be knocking down your or my doors any time soon.

Actually, most of this blog's traffic comes from links from more popular sites. I only advertise it once a week by posting a link to my recruiting update in the NJO forums. I'm not really inclined to go overboard on pay sites like Rivals or Scout with stricter moderation policies, and they're by far the most popular websites that cover Rutgers sports, followed by Scuttlebutt/Scarlet Knights Newzer I'd suspect.

For now this blog is trying to get by on its own merit, by both producing interesting content and trading links with other sites.

This site is slowly building a name for itself, as some people are searching for it on google directly now, instead of searching for terms like "blair bines" or "greg robinson rutgers press conference" and stumbling across it.

Multiple people have emailed me recently regarding link exchanges. I'm happy to oblige, but it's not going to do all that much good.

I actually view this site mostly through the lens of the wordpress dashboard.

"Fri" is the post that will eventually turn into today's news update. With the daily link entries and other regular features, if I come across something interesting beforehand, I will save it for the appropriate time. Usually with the other content, some question will come into my head at some point (e.g., what's up with the whole "chopping wood" thing), and I'll eventually do a quick outline and build on it when I get the opportunity. Or, I'll just feel like cranking something out.

I'd post a screenshot of my gmail inbox, but that unfortunately would violate other people's privacy. it's mostly correspondence with other bloggers. There's not a ton of feedback in terms of reader interaction (be it comments or emails), but if you ever have something to get off your chest, send it, maybe I'll have material for a mailbag column.

Mostly, I'm taking a wait and see attitude for the near future. You know, losing may be bad for the Rutgers football team, but it provides a ton of fodder for comment, and arguably makes for better writing material. Ain't it a shame.

I think I said a few weeks ago that I wanted this blog to be unpretentious, and to focus on the team and football. That's still true. I absolutely do want to give other budding bloggers some kind of idea of what goes into this. Given my calls for greater transparency and access from the Rutgers athletic department, this entry meshes in with that ethos somewhere. And of course, you can't discount the "nothing else is ready today" factor. I just wrote this on a whim. Gotta run.