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Big East: Week Four

It's time for Tony Pike in Cincinnati.

Baylor looms as a wild card game for UConn.

Last night, we finally saw the Louisville team that we've been expecting. Here's the important lesson to take from the game: a bad start does not doom a season. Louisville played very poorly vs. Kentucky, but they regrouped vs. a I-AA team, and seemed to have righted the ship. This is a lesson that every BE team can learn from. A major reason for their success was redshirt freshman RB Victor Anderson. He was a four-star recruit coming out of high school, just like Kordell Young and Mason Robinson. We have to be patient. They couldn't move the ball against Kentucky (which owed a lot to Kentucky's DL), but were finally putting up points last night.

Pitt Blather has the storylines for Pitt's important OOC matchup with Iowa.

Reason five zillion why Syracuse's Greg Robinson will soon be out of a job:

Chris DeMond stood inside a training complex in Waldwick, N.J., and listened as high school football players from all over north New Jersey and the Bronx discussed their possible college destinations.

The players had just finished a grueling Strongman competition at a local training complex and DeMond, a strength coach at Verona (N.J.) High School, noticed some of the big-name schools being thrown around.

One player had committed to Notre Dame. Another was headed to Pittsburgh.

When one player mentioned Syracuse as an option, DeMond shut him down.

"Don't go to Syracuse," DeMond said. "Their coach will be gone after this season."

Kansas fans aren't happy with how they were treated at USF. I saw how a similar story was distorted last year, so I'm not passing judgment without knowing all the facts. Still, fans everywhere need to be mindful to balance supporting their team and acting with dignity.

West Virginia's road trip to Colorado tonight looks dangerous.