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Back to Work

Monday saw comments from Greg Schiano in his weekly presser. If any big changes are in store for Navy, I'm not sure that we'll hear about it during the week. has the video. According to Ben Doody:

Greg Schiano's press conference Monday was unlike any I've been to over the past two seasons. In spite of the Knights' humiliating 44-12 loss last week to North Carolina, I thought Schiano was actually in a better mood than he's been in at some other pressers. It was as if he figured things couldn't get any worse than they were last week, so there's no reason to be up-tight about anything.

At one point, Paul Franklin from the Home News Tribune suggested if Schiano were a fan, he'd have the best seats in the house, and Schiano quipped, "not if we keep playing like this I won't."

Some may read a lot into that first post, I'm not quite at that point yet. As Aditi pointed out on Friday, the team did look good in camp. I still think that, on paper, this year's roster still looks like the best of the Schiano era. What's obviously missing to this point is on-field chemistry, confidence, momentum, swagger, whatever you want to call it. I want to see a playmaker put the team on his back and refuse to lose. I want to see a lot more big hits and turnovers from the defense.

Marcus Witherspoon will redshirt in 2008. He's eligible, but he technically transferred from Michigan even though he never saw a game for them. I think this is good news, as it will take the spotlight off him for a season, and give the staff a better idea as how to utilize him next season.

Navy seems to view Rutgers as a must-win too. Visit The Birddog for more information on the Midshipmen.

Is Courtney Greene's NFL stock slipping?

Courtney Greene/S/Rutgers: Greene, rated by NFL scouting services as one of the better safeties in the nation, has watched his play regress according to sources. His play this year has been uninspired, as evidenced in the Scarlet Knights' loss to North Carolina. Greene was constantly late in coverage, resulting in big pass completions for the Tar Heels.

I think Greene is miscast in the defense right now, because both Joe Lefeged and Zaire Kitchen's games are based on giving hits, while Ron Girault was better in coverage. Greene is still a good prospect at the next level at strong safety, but I don't know if he will be a first day pick. This doesn't mean that he's going to freefall like Jarvis Johnson did in his senior year. Greene doesn't strike me as having a ton of footspeed, but it's unclear as to whether his coverage woes owe more to that or miscommunication errors.

Oh no! Walter Seward has finally passed on.

The Jets have waived Brandon Renkart from their practice squad.

In a rough break for Tom Savage, his older brother Bryan will have to give up football (he was a quarterback for Hofstra) due to injury.

As if New Jersey needs any more bad news right now, Wall Street is in the tank.

Morgan State is coming off a big win against NC Central.