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Sunday Knights

Many of you had the opportunity to see Shaun O'Hara's New York Giants demolish the St. Louis Rams on Sunday. Brian Leonard was not activated for the game, and it is unlikely to have mattered, as St. Louis looks absolutely terrible to this point. I hate seeing him not only stuck on a bad team, but suffering from injury and misuse to boot. St. Louis runs a vertical passing attack, and originally drafted Leonard to be Steven Jackson's backup. Last season, they shifted him to fullback, which isn't an ideal fit as Leonard is more suited to be a fullback in a West Coast Offense. It pains me to say it, but not falling a few draft picks later to the Philadelphia Eagles has had a major detriment so far on Leonard's career. Drafting a fullback was an absolute luxury that a rebuilding team like the Rams could not afford. The good news? O'Hara, along with the rest of the Giants, played extremely well.

Ray Rice and the Baltimore Ravens had their game with the Texans postponed to week ten due to Hurricane Ike's rampage in Houston. This is a blow to the Ravens, as they will have their bye week far earlier than would be ideal.

Eric Foster had his first start yesterday for the Indianapolis Colts, and had to be feeling a sense of Deja Vu from his time at Rutgers upon realizing that he, at 275 lbs, outweighed the team's other starting defensive tackle by twenty pounds. Foster was miscast as a run-stuffing nose tackle, as both he and Keyunta Dawson were expected to be interior pass rushers. Minnesota's Adrian Peterson ran all over a depleted Indy roster, but the Colts prevailed in the end to bring their record up to 1-1. Foster did have one standout play where he tackled Peterson for a loss of three yards.

Jeremy Zuttah likely had a lot of fun for blocking for Earnest Graham and Warrick Dunn as Tampa Bay piled up 164 yards rushing on 5.9 yards per carry in their victory over the Falcons. According to ESPN's game log, the Bucs didn't have a ton of success running behind their right guard. Zuttah did have some penalties on the day, and some of the comments I've read around the web from Buc fan sites indicate that he looked inexperienced. Still, a win is a win and he still has time to improve.