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A slow Big East weekend

UConn destroyed a bad Virginia team on the back of Donald Brown and stifling defense.

The Sacks (not the good kind) are back in Syracuse, as they were blown out by Penn State. Donnie Webb speculates that the Cuse may have an interest in Lane Kiffin if he's fired by the Raiders. He would be a far better hire than GRob in the sense that he has a lot more recent experience on the college level, but I still think they're making a mistake if they don't bring in someone with recruiting ties to the Northeast.

For now, it's all smiles in Tampa after a big win over Kansas.

RU played Thursday, and the other four teams were off. RU's loss on Thursday was ugly enough that it still cancels out the two quality wins on Saturday as far as the conference is concerned.

I have some more thoughts on the status and future of the Big East conference, but apparently there's a Big East blog roundtable in the works, so it will have to wait a few days.

edit: oops, missed the news that Dustin Grutza may be out for the season.