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Big East: Week Three

Ben Mauk: denied again. The Bearcats could use him with Dustin Grutza's injury.

UConn searches for answers on offense. Their game with Virginia this weekend could bring back memories of the 6-4 Iowa/PSU "classic".

Louisville safety C.J. Peake is transferring. They have Kansas State next Wednesday.

Pitt is 0-5 after a bye week under Dave Wannstedt.

USF is switching kickers. Starting RG Zach Hermann won't play on Friday vs. Kansas.

Syracuse/Penn State is a rivalry steeped in tradition. The Ernie Davis biopic The Express is about to premiere. In actual football news, they're already moving Bruce Williams back to safety?

West Virginia is a week from another important OOC game with Colorado.

I've seen the Carrier Dome do some, ahem, freaky shit in its time. I thoroughly maintain though that the Iowa game in 2006 sapped its powers for good. Rutgers fans should root for Syracuse, not only for the SOS boost, but because they're playing Penn State. The Big East desperately needs a USF victory, and UConn winning would help a lot too.