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Adding injury to insult

Gary Watts is out for the season. That's in addition to Kordell Young missing yesterday's game with a knee injury.

I don't particularly want to read the papers this morning. You can probably guess what they say. Have a good weekend, and let's hope that Dr. Lou decides to answer the letter from Needs Prozac in Piscataway tomorrow.

There's no reason to pull any punches today. The team took every flaw from the Fresno State game and magnified them. But with all due respect, Tom Luicci, who's forgotten more about Rutgers football than I will ever know, still should not be proclaiming a return of the bad old days. Paul Franklin was more on the point.

It's never easy being a Rutgers fan. Haven't we suffered enough? it's kind of funny reading critics calling Rutgers fans bandwagoners. Do they have any idea what we've been through in recent memory? Rutgers has seen much worse days than last night and come back from them. Rutgers is five years removed from losing to New Hampshire. It will see better days.

What happens when a team loses a game it absolutely has to win? If UNC was a must-win, then Rutgers has no chance of a winning record or making a bowl game if they can't beat Navy next week. That's a very difficult place to be in.