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Why are we so bad?

Is Rutgers the North Carolina of two years ago? Not exactly, as Greg Schiano has no chance of being fired despite how poorly the team plays, and UNC was actually in that game until the end. That game illustrated the importance of momentum. A few bounces here and there, and UNC wins. I think if RU makes a few plays vs. Fresno State, they play with a lot more confidence tonight.

The only other way to explain the game in a "positive" fashion? Butch Davis is a really good coach. UNC hired him for a reason.

The most painful thing about tonight was the realization that Rutgers is stuck between a rock and a hard place with regards to its quarterback situation. If you don't like Mike Teel after that stinker, you're not alone. Jabulani Lovelace is far more inaccurate than Teel as a passer, if that's even possible. Perhaps it will soon be time to see what Chris Paul-Etienne can do though, or to see what remains of Dom Natale. D.C. Jefferson is unlikely to be an answer for several years down the line. Any fans calling for his redshirt to be burned are not being realistic, and don't recognize how raw he is.

Teel's throws were far overthrown all night, and he made terrible decisions on two of his interceptions. The offense was miserable on third down, which partially owed to an inability to break UNC tackles.

Kordell Young missed the game with an injury. Mason Robinson was decent, although not the chains-mover that Rice was. Jourdan Brooks was surprisingly good, in what was a small positive sign to take from the game.

The receiving corps was inconsistent at best. They did get yardage at times.

The offensive line wasn't bad per se. All the analyses are going to focus on how much this team misses Ray Rice, but the losses of Pedro Sosa and Jeremy Zuttah are arguably just as big.

The defensive line did not generate nearly as much pressure as I had expected coming into the game. They didn't do poorly against the run, but Yates had far too much time to throw after the opening drive.

It wasn't a great game for the linebackers as far as missed tackles and coverage go.

After Teel, the biggest goat tonight was the secondary. Jason McCourty again misplayed the opposing team's top WR and gave up a huge game. The intermediate seams were open all night, and the safeties were even worse in coverage if that is even possible.

Third on the proverbial chopping block are the special teams, which somehow reached a new low. Punter Teddy Dellaganna was getting no distance at all on his punts. The coverage and return units were horrifying as usual. The lone bright spot was San San Te, who showed a lot of leg on his two short field goals.

It's going to be a difficult week and a half. The fans flooded out of the stadium after the game was out of reach in the third quarter, and I'm sure every coach in the country will be calling our recruits tomorrow, if they haven't started already.

Greg Schiano, whatever you're doing, it's not working. I'm not asking you and your players to press. I'm sure everyone is already doing that. I'm mostly at a loss for words at this point, as evidenced by the paucity of my analysis tonight. I don't have many suggestions. You sold Rutgers on a winning football program. When you embrace expectations as you have, it's up to you to deliver. It's on you that there isn't another realistic option at QB. It's your job to make the team mentally tough, which they are not. I appreciate all that you have done, but it's your responsibility at this point to right this ship and stop this season from being completely lost.

If only games were won or lost on paper.