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Thursday night liveblog

I'm never going to get to a game in person this year, am I?

But I will be periodically posting thoughts tonight. ESPN's coverage starts at 7:30 pm EDT, although the 9/11 commemoration ceremonies may delay kickoff for a while.

Here's to a great game, Rutgers executing on the field, and no injuries.

7:58 - another march down the field, another stall in the red zone. Kordell Young is a late scratch. Teel did almost have one picked off, but that was partially on Underwood I thought.

8:31 - Teel's feeling pressure and just threw an int.

8:46 - I'm getting a very uneasy feeling. The offense is out of rhythm, the special teams are horrible, and the defense just let UNC capitalize on a short field.

8:56 - At least they're moving the football between the twenties again. Another red zone failure. San San Te actually looks very good so far.

9:02 - That's a punch right at our glass jaw. We are not a very good football team.

9:09 - The team marches down the field AGAIN, Teel throws a pick in the red zone on a bad overthrow. I'm rapidly losing my patience, and I've been a Teel fan in the past. And the camera just caught a student giving the camera the middle finger.

9:47 - Another special teams gaffe to start off the quarter. Then UNC converts a critical third down and knocks the life out of this Rutgers team. I don't think they can come back from this.

9:55 - I have no mouth, and I must scream.

10:06 - The team is beyond giving up at this point.