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Gameday links

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Tonight matters. If they plan on proving the skeptics wrong, the Knights will need to show up. They need to make a statement for Rutgers, its football program, and the entire state of New Jersey.

ESPN's Brian Bennett has an interview up with Tiquan Underwood.

Important people met behind closed doors yesterday.

With Indianapolis DT Ed Johnson's arrest for marijuana possession, could Eric Foster see more playing time? Johnson is more of a run stuffer, while Foster is a pass rusher. Looks like Johnson will be cut.

The Press of Atlantic City looks at former RU assistant Dennis Scuderi. Wait, his replacement, Frank Edgerly, is getting cold feet already? At least most of this year's recruiting class is in place, but that's awfully inconvenient timing.

Did you know:

North Carolina is making its first trip to Rutgers since Oct. 4, 1919, when the Scarlet Knights won 19-0. The teams also played at Rutgers on Nov. 1, 1894, when the Knights won 5-0.

North Carolina is one of three teams, along with Army and Navy, to have played Rutgers in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

Football games are good for local businesses in New Brunswick.

Both teams will likely be paying attention to the upcoming matchup between Navy and Duke. ranked the top names in college football, and didn't see fit to mention Zaire Kitchen or Jabulani Lovelace?

No presidential candidates will be at the game tonight. Obama and McCain are speaking at Columbia, although you can never discount the possibility of a Ron Paul appearance.

They really needed research to discover this?

Rentfrow, a researcher in social and political sciences, examined six years of on-line personality tests from more than 600,000 Americans to create his state-by-state "personality map."

The map looked at five aspects of personality. New Jersey ranked 5th for neuroticism and near the bottom for agreeableness (34th) and conscientiousness (45th).

But New Jerseyans are open about their flaws. The state ranked high on extroversion (14th) and openness (15th).